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Architecture & Interior Design: FLAT12x

Completed Year: 2022

Area: 1,000 sqm
Location: Po Kaew, Bangkok, Thailand.
Photography: Dof Skyground.

TT Residence is the family house that illustrates adaptation between Classical and Modern architecture which is purposely designed to last durably in the tropical climate country, Bangkok, Thailand. All is presented since masterplan, layout and architectural presences. Although, classical architecture is an initiative idea from the owners, who admire scale and proportion of the classical buildings the most, in believing that orders can represent their business status, modern contemporary architecture offers this project tools to tackle design problems caused by differences between architectural styles and contexts.

Masterplanning, main living area of the house is designed in L shape in order to minimise distance between each used spaces in large area. All guests are welcomed generously by double height living hall which echoes the celebration of the great hall of classical architecture. Latter part of the house is winged by the additional multipurpose area for contemporary uses. Intentionally, The L shaped layout creates more interaction between family members via an interconnected internal spaces both physically and visually.

Too, the main house is surrounded by four separated compartments; the office, wine room, fitness room and services that is not only for moderating the main living area but also facilitating more circulation and ventilation flow within the residence.

The extra wide double volume terrace exemplifies the adaptation of classical aisle for modern day use by developed as sun shading device, help protecting the house from strong light from the West as well as creating semi outdoor space for living in the tropical climate country.

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