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100 sqm, Gaysorn Village

A push boundary kiosk cafeteria design for a new branch of Michelin Star bakery, Eric Kayser, located in Bangkok, Thailand. The project is not only to design for this specific location but also to give the new edge to the other branches around the world. As same as croissants, the design is expressed into layers, new curvy form makes kiosk more organic and twisted, sets itself apart from the other old traditional building shops. The textile made of black fabric bulkhead delivers silky touch of texture, that is very smooth but still rough as the touch of good croissant bread skins. Although curvy mirror finished stainless counter panel gives restaurant the edge and the glimpse of French Avant-garde for the modern day, the counter top made of travertine stone and a small white brick tiles backdrop still traditionally welcome customers as usual, as casual and friendly as they have been serving people since 1996. 


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