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H-Quarter Roasters


Architecture, interior and furniture design : FLAT12x

Design team:
Julsamano Bhongsatiern, Adiwis Wittaya, Chakrit Sripradup, Donlada Sriwattanatrakul

Website: www.flat12x.com
Photography: Soopakorn Srisakul

Reusing and revamping old structures of the abandoned building for the new coffee community, HQ/R, H-Quarter Roasters.


This project is to examine how architecture design can save not only waste structures but ineffective land of the city to be something useful. This adaptive reused building is designed with a good understanding between architectural design experience working together with coffee business experience. The space is created out of what was there, all joint of the extensions are left for visitors to trace back where it all change. Roof structures are extended 1.5x to create more space for being both the back and the front of the café. Large unequalled gable not only for covering larger space but also for shifting façade of the building to be visible from the main road without cutting any existing trees. The old rectangular plan of the building that has a column in the middle is kept and developed to create  a new layout that helps facilitating continuity, a flow for all uses of the coffee shop, the loop of use between back of the house and front of the house. There are two main doors at the front of the building, one for the café and another for the roasting lab, office and big storage. All functions traveled around the main bar that centralizes all other activities.

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